Reverse Discrimination Against White Americans, The Double Standard for Whites

Colordo Business Man’s Racial Joke, Apologizes, Here’s the ‘Joke’:

“If Obama wins they’ll have to change the name of The White House.”The audience gasps, the world cries out, he apologizes. Give me a break. Is this what we have come to? Really?Okay world, here’s a tip from your old uncle Sheeple. if you would grow a spine and STOP APOLOGIZING for every thing you say, and you STOP PANDERING to the leftist mainstream media, silly crap like this looses its venom and the liberal media might have to get off of their sorry asses and find some real news to report. 

America’s Most Dangerous Cities: Where Whites Are Minorities

Straight out of the US Government’s own census data….cities where minorities are the majority are the most dangerous:By: The Unreconstructed Southerner 2007 is almost over and as it ends CQ Press has today released it’s 14th edition of America’s 15 Most Dangerous Cities. In viewing the statistics and findings a natural question came to me in regards to the question of race and it’s relationship to the high crime rates in these cities. The New Century Foundation in the “Color of Crime” released findings that detailed the direct correlation between race and crime. The findings are devastating to the multicultural types out there as they don’t even bother refuting them and if they do they only mention poverty in passing. The fact is that the statistics show without a doubt that minorities are more prone to crime then whites and Asians. And even then Asians are more likely to be involved with gangs then whites.The following chart I prepared using offical US Census date of the cities examined in the study shows the proportion to the population that blacks and Hispanics represent in these cities selected by CQ as the most dangerous. The study, which you can link to here takes all of the crime rates and through tallying up the numbers of various crimes (murder, rape, assault, theft, ect.) we get our findings.15. Youngston, Ohio: Black-44% Hispanic-5% *
14. Compton, California: Black-40% Hispanic-57% *
13. Little Rock, Arkansas: Black-55% Hispanic-2% *
12. Baltimore, Maryland: Black-64% Hispanic-1.7% *
11. Orlando, Florida: Black-26.7% Hispanic- 17.79%
10. Cleveland, Ohio: Black-51% Hispanic-7.26% *
9. Richmond, California: Black-36.06% Hispanic-26.53% *
8. Memphis, Tennessee: Black-61% Hispanic-3% *
7. North Charleston, South Carolina: Black-49% Hispanic-4% *
6. Birmingham, Alabama: Black-73% Hispanic-1.5% *
5. Camden, New Jersey: Black-53.5% Hispanic-38.82% *
4. Oakland, California: Black-35.6% Hispanic-21.89%*
3. Flint, Michigan: Black-53.27% Hispanic-3%*
2. St. Louis, Missouri: Black-51.2% Hispanic-2% *
1. Detroit, Michigan: Black-82.7% Hispanic-4.9% *
(*)-Whites are a Minority in these cities.
These numbers reflect the official 2000 US Census. As a result Hispanics are underrepresented and illegal aliens not reflected in these numbers.

“I’m Not a Slave. . .Shut Up White Boy”

I love America, anybody can be a martyr…as long as they’re not a “white boy” that is… 

ABC’s Cuomo to Obama: ‘America Inherently Racist’

Okay Americans, you are not adequately lapping up the dribble spat by our liberal media surrounding the articulate negro presidential candidate. You need to get into the mainstream and start kissing his black ass, immediately.Cumo to Obama: “What do you think the bigger obstacle is for you in becoming president, the Clinton campaign machine or America’s inherent racists, racism?”Link: 

Seattle Public School District: Racists are “Whites”

Then they backed off of the “definition”, as should be expected by spineless left-wing nut jobs.Link: 

University of Delaware Requiring Students to Acknowledge: ‘All Whites are Racist’

More garbage that is being force fed to our young minds in America. The University of Delaware requires students to acknowledge that “all whites are racist.”These elitists actually believe that they are enlightened, diverse, and refined. Open-mindedness is great, so long as your brains do not fall completely out.Link:

Favoritism is Racism

A short story on reverse recism against a young white male.  If you’ve read any of my writings, you already know that I make every effort to attack topics from a commonsense perspective, not liberal or neocon. So as you read through my post, please know that I do have an agenda,. It’s to fix our broken two party system of government and awaken American citizens to the debauchery in the lives of their public servants.Knowing that our government will once again lean left (democrat) after the current election cycle, not because we know that the dems will fix things but because they are our only other choice. I started reminiscing about the last time we were a country leaning left. The Slick Willy years.A true story…this actually happened to me in the Clinton years:In 1995, as a young twenty-something young white male, I’d just complete my first degree at a local community college and started to work at the opperations center of large national bank. Full of energy and ambitious, in a little less than a years time I never missed any work, was never late, ranked highest in my department (loan review) in quality and production. I was such a value to my department, I actually developed a friendship with the department manager, my boss’ boss. She was 25 years my senior and married. The relationship  was strictly platonic and mostly professional. However, it was ever-growing.This was no small feat, as I was still attending night school, taking care of my one year old son as a single parent, all while working full time.Well, if you know anything about “big banking” you know that mergers, lay-offs, and restructuring of staff are not only commonplace, they’re constant.One beautiful fall day an impromptu staff meeting was called. This was particularly disappointing to me, as it would have been a magnificent day for lunch out of the office.Once the meeting started we were given the terrible news. Due to downsizing the unit was directed to layoff two employees. After the sobering announcement, we were advised that the layoffs would be based upon job performance numbers. Made sense to me, and it put me in the clear.A couple of days later I was called into a small conference room by the department manager, my friend, the boss’ boss. After a few pleasantries and banter about our favorite NFL teams, it was down to business.The manager shared with me, with sadness about her face and voice, that HR had rejected the departments plan for layoffs based on performance. She went on to advise me that she was directed by HR to layoff the two in her department based on seniority, not performance.Obviously, being the new kid, this meant me. I was getting the ax. But why?The manager confided in me the reason, placing her 20 year career at risk, she swore me to secrecy. I vowed my silence and have maintained my promise to this day.She explained, that the HR legal department had concern about the two employees who were to be laid off under their plan. Firstly, they were both black. Secondly, they were both female. Lastly, they were two of the only three black females in the department.The manager further explained that she fought against the decision ,because these two employees wew not only the lowest performers in terms of quality and production, they were also both on 90 day termination contracts for excessive absences and tarides.And there it was. My cold, cruel introduction to reverse racism, the affirmative action environment, and corporate life.I am happy to report that his white male has managed to succeed, in a different career, even in the face of racism and discrimination against him.       

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  1. hmm, Interesting blog

  2. I was once harassed in an online dating site by a black man who was furious that I ignored his advances. He instant messaged me to express his disapproval of me having checked off “white” as the only option for men I was seeking to date. I told him, “Yes, sir, I only date white men. Some men like brunettes and some like blondes, these are their preferences to which they are entitled to in their pursuit of dating bliss and MY preference is for white men”.

    He proceeded to call me a racist (because I’m not an equal-opportunity dater?) and then mocked my choice of reading materials and my politics, all of which were also indicated on my profile.

    I wonder how many women this line of white-guilt inducing crap is effective with? Clearly these people have become so entitled that not only do they want to dictate what jobs they are given without merit, what schools they get into without merit, and what people are elected to serve them (and only them) but now they also want to tell the rest of us how to feel, date, marry, and who to procreate with! It’s high time we stop giving people like this permission to define how we must SERVICE them (which apparently now includes sexual servicing on top of everything else they get for free).

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